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How to Charge An AGM Battery: Step by Step Guide

How to charge a dead AGM battery
How to Charge An AGM Battery

If you want to know how to charge your AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, this article will help you properly. It is a very common fact that you need to charge the AGM battery as it should be to ensure extended service life. AGM batteries are making with a different technology than the conventional flooded one. This is How to Charge An AGM Battery: Step by Step Guide.

AGM batteries made with ultra-thin fiberglass mat squeeze in between the soaked with battery acid plates to about 95% of what they can hold. The mats are covered with thick plates and little bit compressed with it. Both mats and plates are enough stretched that there is no chance to vibration. This kind of battery technology introduces in 1985 in military aircraft.

There are some important points to remain in mind to preserve or charge your AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery. Charging it in a proper method is essential. Adequate procedures for charging a battery not maintain the battery health but also help in renewing an almost dead battery.

Many latest battery chargers and preserves have information-collecting microprocessors. That helps to collect the battery condition information and regulates the voltage according to their current situation. Some have different settings for charging flooded, gel and AGM batteries. Sulfating is a common thing in lead-acid type batteries. So it will be best to find a charger with a desulfation method of charging batteries. It provides the best output for your battery.


The Following Charging Procedure Should Be Followed Step by Step to Charge Your AGM Battery

Connect the Batteries with the Jumper Cables

At first, you have to connect the Discharged battery to the charged battery with the help of jumper cables. If you compare them properly, then your battery will charge properly. The positive terminal should be connected in a parallel way to the other positive side. If the connection is not done properly, then the whole procedure will fail. Therefore, the first step is the most essential part of a successful battery charging rate.

The Recommended Charger Should be Purchased

There is are different kinds of battery chargers available in the market. They are designed based on different charged devices. The low-power charger and high-power chargers are not the same. At the same time, one charger did not perform for dual capacity.  So, before choosing a charger, you have to keep in your mind that what is the size of your battery. Usually, a large-size battery needs a large-size charger.

On the other hand, small-size battery needs a small charger. It was a mistake if you think about the physical charger size! Here large charger means the capacity of the charger is high, and it will capable of charging a large-size battery. Amperes (Ah) is the unit of a charger’s capacity. So, before choosing a charger, you need to know details about its capacity.


Make a Link between the Battery Charger and Good Battery

The selection of a proper charger is also necessary for this AGM battery charging requirement. Without the correct charger, you cannot charge the old battery. You have to make a solid connection.

between a charger and a good battery, and after that, switch on the charger. The charge directly charges the right battery. The excellent battery provides the current to the discharge battery. It is a continuous process. By this process, the discharge battery is charged according to its needs. Overcharging is not suitable for a discharged battery. So, this point should be kept in your mind.

Leave the Battery for an Hour

Warming up of the battery is a sign of charging the battery. To check this, you should hold a minimum of one hour. After one hour of charging, you must check the battery status. If the battery is warming up, then it’s the sign to be charged up properly. You should also notice that if the battery warms up too much, that indicates something wrong in the battery.

So, if the battery is warming up at an average temperature, then the battery condition is excellent. Though it is, you should not stop charging the battery anymore.

In Battery Charging, the Right Temperature Should be Maintained

There is a fixed range for AGM battery charging procedure. It means the charging system is not a conventional technique. It has some particular conditions such as temperature range. Who want to charge their AGM battery they should get knowledge about the right temperature range for it.

Otherwise, the whole procedure will be failed. In the charging process, the temperature should not rise above 104  F or 40 C. Cold weather should be avoided for charging AGM batteries because the low temperature will hamper the battery charging rate. If the temperature is lower ten 0 C or 32 F, then you should not continue the charging procedure. So, it is undoubtedly clear that the range of heat should be in between 0 to 400C.

During the time of charging AGM, batteries would be warmed up. It is a very normal occasion for lead acid-based batteries. Warming is a sign of charging batteries.

So, it does not much worry about it. But when the battery has become too hot, then you should not use it. During charging if the battery has become too hot suddenly immediately disconnects the battery from the charger. After cool enough, reconnect the charger again. Are you want to know AC Delco battery review, you can check this article.


A Voltmeter can be used for checking the Discharged Battery

After completing all the necessary steps, the AGM battery charging procedure will be completed. Now it is the right time for checking out that status of the discharge battery. For this procedure, you need a voltmeter to measure the AGM battery charging amps. If the battery store about 10.5 volts charge on it, then you can leave your battery for more charging. But if the battery did not give any reading, then your battery has some major problem in it.

Understand the difference between an AGM Battery and Other Batteries

Many people think that charging AGM batteries is as like as the laptop battery charging. This is a wrong assumption. There is a lot of difference between lithium batteries and lead acid batteries. Laptop batteries are lithium batteries, and on other hand, AGM batteries are lead acid battery. So, AGM batteries charging procedure is not the same as laptop batteries.

AGM batteries need a particular type of charging system. The lithium batteries can be charged which means partially do not require full charging. But for AGM batteries, partial charging is not applicable. The charge should be complete.

The chargers are also different. There are some smart chargers for AGM battery they do all the necessary things you need. So, if you buy a smart charger for your AGM battery, then everything will be very easy and simple. Before purchasing a charger, you need to know about its technology. If you do it smartly, then the whole procedure will be easy enough.

Moreover, AGM battery and gel-based battery technology are differing from each other. If you use the gel battery charger to charge your AGM battery, it may take too much time to charge and even can damage your battery.

How to Charge An AGM Battery – Summary

Following proper procedure step by step is very important for charging your AGM battery. It will be secure your better-life battery service. The steps described above may help you a little bit.

At least those who have no idea about charging their AGM batteries got some tips about it. Enough knowledge should be gathered before charging your AGM battery.

Remember all the tips that make your charging procedure safer and successful. AGM batteries have a wide range of functions. There are many applications, including backup for UPS, supply power for your electronic devices powering cars, RV’s, Jet Skis, etc. It will also store energy for future use. So, AGM batteries are essential for everyone. For excellent backup and proper service, you should charge your battery correctly. One wrong step can make your battery unusable. Take your time, and you should have no issues.