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Diehard Advanced Gold AGM Battery Review

Diehard advanced gold AGM battery review
Diehard advanced gold AGM battery review

As a professional mariner, you want to ensure that your battery is reliable for a long time. Well then, This DieHard Advanced Gold AGM Battery review won’t disappoint you.

The best thing about this battery is that you can use it for various recreational needs. It will directly fit too many OMG applications. Thus, it has five different groups. Each is specially designed for a specific need.

Sears had invested nine years of passionate research. Also, spend more than one million dollars to develop the DieHard.  Thus, now it is a unique automotive battery manufacturer. Introduced in 1967, DieHard is capable of producing more effective starting power.

Featuring a revolutionary thin-walled case of polypropylene plastic, they are unique. This DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Battery is one of the finest products of DieHard. In this Diehard battery review, we will talk about its specs and benefits. So by the end of the reading, you will have a deep idea on them. So let’s get started.

Specification at a Glance

DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Battery comes with a different version. However, they come with five different groups. Each group has different specifications and capacity levels. As a result, they have different price ranges. So have a look.

For Whom is the DieHard AGM Gold Battery Designed For?

DieHard’s superior Advanced Gold Battery is versatile. You can use it in multipurpose.

  • It is perfect for start-stop vehicle applications.
  • It will fit directly to many imported and domestic OEMs. Thus, it suits applications including Jaguar, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz. So far it also works fine for Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo, and Mini.
  • This can deal with recreational needs like RV and truck.
  • It will be well suited for marine use.
  • It can deal with off-road vehicles, performance cars, watercraft, and tuner cars.


  • It has a longer life.
  • It is spill/leakproof.
  • The battery has a Spill-proof- design.
  • It is a Maintenance-free battery.
  • It can absorb more electrolytes.


  • Tough installation process.

Some Important Features & Benefits of Diehard Advanced Gold AGM Battery

Diehard Advanced Gold AGM Battery Feature

Rather than its superb specification, it comes with some important benefit for you. Thus, it is made up of great quality material and with upgrade technology. Furthermore, the company never compromise about quality. So, let’s see, some important features of this battery.

Protection from the Inside Out

The first feature we like most is its heat-sealed construction. The combination of tamper-resistant battery and heat-sealed gives added protection. So it is safe to deal with sophisticated electronic equipment.

Thus, an enhanced electronic suspension system serves to safeguard internal components. Meanwhile, Electronic suspension is mainly a computer controlled system. Thus, it regulates up and down movement.

Longer Life

Compared to the previous model DieHard Gold Model #50634, it has the longer life. Thus, this battery comes with twice life cycle than the conventional batteries. So it is better to buy this one than try some cheapest battery. If you are searching for marine, longer life is so important.

More Protection

The next feature we like most is its vibration protection. However, it gives 20 times more vibration protection than a regular battery. This feature helps extends the performance. While most of the batteries weaken due to vibration, diehard is more resistant. Thus, it will be safe even in uncertain shock.

Full Plate AGM technology

The diehard batteries use AGM technology. This technology minimizes the consumption of electrolytes. At the same time, it preserves them.

As a result, it gives the engine the power it requires to meet the daily driving demands. While other batteries were losing electrolytes, this technology ensures cut the consumption of electrolytes.

Spill-proof design

Like other DieHard batteries, this one also comes with Spill proof design. The spill-proof design gives added protection. As batteries are related to electronic equipment, Spillproof is an added advantage.

Free Replacement Warranty

More than anything, DieHard gives three years free replacement warranty. However, it is one of the best reputed innovative automotive producers. So you have to worry about quality. They tested the batteries several times, proven and then guaranteed. So don’t worry.

Let’s watch a video on Diehard Advanced Gold AGM Battery:

Maintenance Tips

  • Never leave or store your batteries in a position 80 percent charge.
  • If you use it without charge on a repeated basis, this won’t last more than two or three years.
  • If is show the loss of capacity signs, don’t fret.
  • Equalized the battery more often. However, it’s a great recovery tool.

Diehard Advanced Gold AGM Battery Review FAQs

A: For Mercedes Benz SLK 350 we recommend DieHard 38228 AGM Battery. This is mainly Group 48 of this model. However, for these type of work Battery gasses require to be vented from outside. It comes with Reserve Capacity: 120 and CCA: 760.

A: According to construction, this DieHard (GP 49) battery does not need ventilation. But your vehicle needs a vent tube; you need charging installation.

A: This DieHard 38228 Advanced Gold AGM Battery has designed as 12 volts.

Alternative Product Choices

If you feel the DieHard won’t meet all your expectations, you can try some other battery. So hopefully, these options will be useful to you. Have a look at some of the other options.

1. Odyssey Batteries PC1350-A DIN Lead Post Battery

If you are willing to spend some extra penny for a top quality battery, look no further than at this Odyssey Batteries PC1350. Thus, it’s an excellent battery with the feature of  faster recharge. The feature we liked most is its mounting flexibility benefit. Thus, it is a 12 volts battery with 95 Amperage.

2. VMAX MB-137 AGM Deep Cycle Group 31 Battery

VMAX MB-137 AGM Deep Cycle Group Battery is an AGM battery with the superior military grade. Thus, 3-Sealed Non-Hazardous Construction makes it great. It is approved for ground, air, and maritime transportation.  In a word, it is a heavy duty battery and a superior performer. Most importantly, it comes with a 12-month exchange warranty. 

3. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Deep Cycle Marine Battery

It is a great battery which performs well even in bad weather. It is designed as Fifteen times more resistant. Thus, it gives 120-minute consistent performance. Thus, it is mountable in any position. It is also a dual purpose battery, both for deep cycle and starter.

Diehard Advanced Gold AGM Battery Review – Wrapping Up

To wrap this DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Battery review up, we could say it won’t disappoint you. It’s is a reliable battery, gives 20 times more vibration protection. On the other hand, its spill proof feature makes is far best.

Compared to regular lead acid batteries, it provides two times life cycle. So it will be a reliable battery for your recreational vehicle. We hope you enjoyed our article. Thanks for being with us.