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Can You Desulfate an AGM Battery

Can You Desulfate an AGM Battery -Exploring the Possibility

When it comes to deep-cycle batteries, sulfation is one of the major problems caused by negative chemical reactions. This issue is mostly seen in conventional lead-acid batteries where the cathode causes sulfation. However, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries have been engineered with new and advanced technologies. The electrodes in AGM batteries are made with thin lead plates placed in a confined and compact manner. This is why the sulfation rate is lower in AGM batteries than in other batteries. One question that arises is, can you desulfate an AGM battery.

How long do Lithium RV Batteries Last

How Long Do Lithium RV Batteries Last

Are you thinking about changing your Lead-acid RV battery to a Lithium battery? Why is it a better battery option for your RV than the current one? Would it be worth your money? How long do lithium RV batteries last. This needs a long discussion if you want to understand the complete thing.

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last: A Comprehensive Guide

Odyssey Batteries are a type of deep cycle battery that is well-known for its long lifespan and high performance. These batteries are designed to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, including marine, automotive, and industrial uses. You maybe like many RVers and consumers who wonder how long do Odyssey Batteries last.

How to charge a boat battery with a car

How to Charge a Boat Battery With a Car: Step by Step Guide

The technology of batteries and chargers always keeps up with incredible advances in modern designs for cars and boats. Different purposes are served by each of these modern boat batteries and each has been designed with various advantages where disadvantages may occasionally follow. At one point, regardless of the battery type being deep cycle or cranking, they must be recharged. Here, we discuss step by step guide how to charge a boat battery with a Car or Vehicle.

Safely welding on your RV-DIY Project

Safely Welding on Your RV-DIY Project

Before carrying out any welding activities, observing maximum safety between you and the entire surrounding is good. Some of this safety includes eye protection, welding gloves, as proper clothing. Besides, make sure to avoid using any flammable material in your RV or even near you. In this guide, we will show you how you can be safely welding on your RV-DIY project

Safe Runtime Duration for an RV Generator

Safe Runtime Duration for an RV Generator

An RV generator is a great piece of equipment to have. It might not be that important when shore power is available at the campsite, but it becomes necessary when boondocking or tailgating. Sometimes, power will be needed for more than a day or two. With enough fuel, a generator can run continuously for that period, but is it safe? The safe runtime duration for an RV generator will be determined by the load it supplies at any given moment, the size of a fuel tank, the type of fuel, and the model of the generator.

How to tell if a battery is sealed or standard

How to Tell if a Battery is Sealed or Standard

It can be difficult to determine if your battery is sealed or standard battery. This article discusses how to tell if a battery is sealed or standard. We rely on batteries to power our everyday gadgets, tools, and vehicles. Understanding the type of battery you have is crucial for its proper maintenance and longevity.

How to bring a deep cycle battery back to life

How to Bring a Deep Cycle Battery Back to Life

After a time of non-use and being idle, most batteries will go flat and become unable to provide the power needed by vehicles and equipment. Leaving deep cycle batteries idle for a long time produces sulfate crystals, resulting in the sulfate crystal separating the plates from the battery acid. The end result is that the battery will have short discharge or fast charging, making the battery useless and ineffective. If this happens, you have two choices: bring a deep cycle battery back to life or you can buy a new battery.

how to charge RV battery from the vehicle

How to Charge RV Battery From My Vehicle

RV owners may occasionally face a discharged Recreational Vehicle battery or any energy source that gets quickly used up. It can limit the functionalities of the RV and ruin the promised hassle-free experience. Before getting much information on how you can charge the batteries of your RV from the vehicle, you must get familiarized with the vital battery information. Here, we discuss how to charge RV battery from my vehicle to get you back on the road.