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How to Tell if a Battery is Sealed or Standard

How to tell if a battery is sealed or standard
How to tell if a battery is sealed or standard


It can be difficult to determine if your battery is sealed or standard battery. This article discusses how to tell if a battery is sealed or standard. We rely on batteries to power our everyday gadgets, tools, and vehicles. Understanding the type of battery you have is crucial for its proper maintenance and longevity. But how can you distinguish between a sealed and a standard battery? Let’s dive in.

If you’re a newbie to deal with the types of batteries, then you may not know the process of primary identification. Besides, you may not know how easily you can determine a sealed battery using a voltmeter. You can distinguish their characteristics & determine the battery after going through this article thoroughly. So, let’s jump into the writing.

How to Tell if a Battery is Sealed or Standard – Why It Matters

When dealing with a battery, he/she must avoid the wrong attempts. Different battery types have different characteristics & applications as well. There are two types of batteries.

  • Primary (Non-rechargeable)
  • Secondary (Rechargeable)

In electronic devices & vehicles, secondary batteries are widely used. For military purposes, high-capacity Magnesium type batteries are preferred. Medical appliances need Mercury-built batteries with long durability. So, knowing about different battery types is important to find a suitable battery for a specific job.

How to tell if a Battery is Sealed or Standard?

Before knowing the process of a battery is sealed or standard, you must know its definition and benefits. Here we go. 

What is a Sealed Battery?

The battery usually used for deep cycling applications like engine starting are widely familiar as a sealed battery. Sealed batteries are sealed so that the electrolyte inside them can’t spill. This is a modified version of standard flooded batteries. The sealed battery offers minimum access to the users inside the battery compartments. It’s essential to sustain chemical reaction inside the battery & a sufficient amount of chemical is placed inside a sealed battery. 

Benefits of the Sealed Battery

  • The electrolyte used inside this battery remains completely absorbed & doesn’t require regular maintenance. 
  • You won’t need to arrange a ventilation system for a sealed battery.
  • Properly works under the tough weather.
  • No additional water is needed to apply.
  • Suitable for use for a long time. It can run without any hassle for around 3-5 years. 

How to Tell if a Battery is Sealed Step-by-Step Process

Step 1- Remove the Terminal Cover

There are two terminals of a sealed battery: positive & negative. There must be terminal covers & you need to remove them. Removing the terminal cover will help to attach the voltmeter with the battery. Ensure that the voltmeter is set to the DC power scale & showing 12 volts voltage.

Step1-Remove the Terminal Cover

Step 2- Attach the Voltmeter

Before attaching, determine the positive & negative leads of the voltmeter. Now attach the positive lead with the positive terminal & negative lead with the negative terminal of the battery.

Step2-Attach or Connect the Voltmeter

Step 3- Notice the Voltage Readout

After attaching the voltmeter, you can see the voltage reading on the display. If your battery is a sealed battery & fully charged, it will show a voltage reading of approximately 12.8 or 12.9 volts. 

Step3-Notice Voltmeter Reading of Battery

What is a Standard Battery?

On the flip side, the battery refers to portable dry cell batteries & used as auto batteries are known as standard batteries. This type of battery helps to start the engine by providing power to the ignition system. It is popularly known as a standard flooded battery. A standard flooded battery is constructed with six cells. It can’t be discharged more than 80% at a single-use otherwise it will die. Its free liquid requires regular maintenance.

Advantages of Standard Battery

  • Capable of providing reliable power to start an engine.
  • This type of battery is also suitable for disastrous weather.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Ensures good service at a reasonable price.
  • Convenient for backup power applications.

How to Tell if a Battery is Standard?

It’s a toll-free experiment to determine if the battery is standard. 

Step 1 

Lift the battery carefully. You will deal with the electrolytes in the next step. So, don’t move it aimlessly.

Step 2 

After establishing a tranquil situation inside the battery, shake it intensely. Try to hear the movement of the liquid. If it sloshes around, then your battery is a standard battery. 

How to Tell if a Battery is Sealed or Standard – Conclusion

After reading this article, we hope you can distinguish between a sealed & standard battery easily. This article is written to clarify the concept of how to tell if a battery is sealed or standard. We have tried to figure out the advantages of both types of batteries. The applications mentioned in the definition of the battery will help you to realize their differences.

After shaking the battery, if you don’t hear the fluid movement then you can determine a battery as a sealed one. Attach a voltmeter with the battery & wait for displaying the optimum voltage so that you can assure it as a sealed one. Never go to perform any activity without identifying the exact type of battery. Follow our easy elaborated steps to be helped.

How to Tell if a Battery is Sealed or Standard FAQs

How do I know what type of battery I have? 

If you don’t have a sealed battery, you can find the mentioned type after removing the caps. If you shake your battery & hear the movement of the fluid inside it, then we assure you that it’s not a sealed battery, perhaps a standard one.

Can I recharge a completely dead sealed lead acid battery?

This type of battery is classified as a rechargeable battery. After discharging, it requires charging instantly. But, if it’s ignored then the battery may completely die & you can’t recharge. In that case, replacing is the safe way.

What is an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery?

AGM is a type of advanced lead battery to support the demand for high electricity. This type of battery is sealed, vibration resistant & maintenance free. If you shake this battery, you can’t hear the movement of the liquid as it’s sealed. 

What is the shelf life of my Sealed Lead Acid battery?

The shelf life of your Sealed Lead Acid battery is at least 3 to 5 years. Depending on the manufacturing process, it can last up to 12 years. The extreme usage, usage under tough weather, amount of used electrolytes & so on factors keep a contribution to the shelf life of the mentioned battery.