Kinetik HC600 Black Power Cell Battery Review 2021

What could be better than a world class sound system on own car?

For that freaking traffic, we have to spend lots of time on the car. And if you have a perfect stereo on the car, it will be heaven. So grab a Kinetik AGM Car Audio Black Power Cell Battery and give your car audio system a new life.

As car audio is a big deal for some of us, we try to find out the best one for our car. Without any doubt, Kinetik Audio Power Cell Battery is one of the best on the market right now. This Kinetik HC600 Black Power Cell battery review is all about this excellent battery. So let’s start.

Specification at a Glance

  • Voltage: 12v
  • Amp Hours (AH):18
  • Length: 7.13″
  • Height: 6.57″
  • Width: 3.01″
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs
  • Maximum System Wattage: 600 watts




For Whom Kinetik High Current 600 Black Power Cell Car Audio Battery Designed

As the name indicates, Kinetik has especially designed this battery for Car Audio Power. Beside this, you can use it in another scope. Have a look.

  • Fits as a replacement for the vehicle’s standard battery.
  • Can be used in stereo systems of 600W car audio
  • Perfect as Stores energy or capacitor.
  • Can be applied to any factory battery location


  • Ultra-low ESR
  • Non-hazardous design.
  • The battery is fully sealed.
  • Leak-Proof design.
  • Vibration resistance.


  • Terrible terminal.

The Noteworthy Feature of Kinetik HC600 Black Power Cell Battery Review

Buy Kinetik HC600 and transfer your car into world’s loudest vehicle. This Kinetik battery review won’t be fulfilling without mentioning its amazing features. It comes with some superb features and benefits. Let’s see some significant characteristics of it.

Extreme power capability

First of all, Kinetik HC600 combines extreme power facilities in a small package measuring 600 watts and 12 volts. At the same time, this battery is more powerful than 100 1 farad caps. As a result, it can mount 800 amps for power reinforcement.

Super V8 Engine

It is essential to mention that, it includes the V8 engine. For this reason, it can deliver high-performance car audio systems that are favorable for the normal driving condition as well.

High-Frequency Sound

It is also noteworthy that, it provides high power which can reach over about 180db and also can boast hundreds of victories as well.

Higher Energy producer

Another unique feature is that it has equivalent series resistance and high energy density. As a result, this battery is most potent and reliable than any other audio top branded batteries from the market.

Awesome lifespan

It is encouraging that; this super fresh audio battery can deliver higher peak amps faster. For this reason, it can survive up to twice the life of any other conventional cells as well. At the same time, it can generate hi-current amplifiers.

Potential equipment’s

It is; however, right to note that, it covered with fiberglass mat separators. It acts like absorbent sponges and also ensures no-leak design with its high performance. Besides, it provides the best cranking amps, vibration resistance, and self-discharge.

Super AGM Design

Also, Kinetik HC600 holds AGM design. Besides, it is perfect for the approximately 600-watt car audio sound system. However, it is needed for a better performance aftermarket system.

No Hazard

The great matter is that it provides no hazardous leaks. At the same time, its excellent leak-proof design and vents allow this battery to fit any factory battery locations as well.

Heat and Vibration Absorbability

Surprisingly, it can put out about 600 cranking amps with an 18 amp hour rating. For this reason, it can resist extreme heat conditions. Besides, it also resists vibrations and also ensures that it is sealed with an ABS plastic case. Furthermore, it offers stronger energy density. For this reason, it equipped with more plates. At the same time, it works like a high voltage under load.

Reliable warranty

Additionally, it can also be used as an additional battery for generating a high-performance sound system. Besides, it provides a stronger energy density with more plates. Indeed, it is an authorized internet dealer. Finally, it offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, it is maintenance cost-free and also includes free service charges.



Maintenance Tips

  • Keep the battery in manufacturer’s recommended temperature to ensure your battery extending life.
  • Turn off the electronics whenever the engine remains inactive for extended periods.
  • Keep your battery active long enough, so if possible then keep your vehicle on the road, otherwise it will be drained.
  • Use a battery charger and follow the battery manufacturer’s charging recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it a wet cell or dry?

A:  Well, this model is made from a dry cell.

Q: Will it be safe to keep it inside the house?

A: As it is made from the dry cell, so we don’t think it will be ok to keep it inside the house.

Q: What about the AMP hour of this car battery?

A:  It is 600 watt.

Alternative/Similar product

Still can’t decide what to pick for your car? Then, let’s have a look at some other alternative battery.

1. Mighty Max Battery Viper 600 Watt Car Audio Battery

Mighty Max has presented us bunches of battery on different categories over the decades. And this one is specially designed for Car Audio Battery. It is AGM 600 watt battery. As a result, it gives power efficiency, maximum sound performance, and longer life.

2. Optima Yellow Top D34 Dual Purpose Battery

Optima Batteries YellowTop D34 can give you 120-minute consistent performance. As the case material is made from Polypropylene, it works superbly even in bad weather. Overall, it is an excellent battery for your car.

3. Stinger SPV69C Power Series Dry Cell Battery

It is a dry cell battery of 12 voltages. It comes with some excellent features like 100% Sealed, leak-proof and maintenance free.

Wrapping up Kinetik HC600 review

So, as we can see Kinetik HC600 AGM Car Audio Power Cell Battery has come with some awesome features and benefit yet at a modest price. In a nutshell, it is one of the finest car audio battery of this time. We assure you it won’t disappoint you. Thanks for visiting our site.