The Seven Best ACDelco Batteries for 2021 [with Buying Guide]

ACDelco battery review

Riding in your car is all about enjoying the comfort and luxury. From beating the heat with the AC to chilling listening to the music, everything comforting on your car works on the car battery.

It’s the soul of your car. Without the right one, your car can struggle. 

So, if you’re having trouble with the soul of your car, then check out our ACDelco battery review.

1. ACDelco ACDB24R Group 51 Battery

General Motors are the most prominent player in the car equipment game. So, no doubt, they produce some of the most exceptional batteries, such as the ACDelco ACDB24R. You would love the batteries fitting. It fits under most cars hood.

But it’s not the fitting that worries people the most. It’s the spilling of liquid from it that keeps people up at night.

Why we love it?

An issue you can stop worrying about with the ACDelco ACDB24R Group 51 Battery

. Why so, you ask?

Because the ACDelco ACDB24R is an AGM battery, that’s why. If you know anything about car batteries, you should know that they are spill-proof.

So, if you’re looking for a battery that meets your car’s deep cycling needs, then the ACDelco ACDB24R is the one. This 325 CCA, 70 RC, and 45 Amp/h battery will never let you stranded on the road. Thanks to its reserve capacity that ensures zero starting glitches.

Great features of  the ACDelco ACDB24R Group 51 Battery

  • The deep cycling capabilities on its own is impressive. But when you pair it up with the exceptional charge-receptive feature, it’s a deadly combination.
  • One thing that you would notice time after time ACDelco auto battery review is the ACDelco batteries last 3x times more than any standard auto batteries.
  • And it’s because of the valve they use. Thanks to it, gas recombinant technology can increase the battery’s life-span.
  • Another reason for you to fall in love with this Group 51 battery.


  • It requires zero maintenance
  • No leaking
  • It lasts long
  • Enhanced resistance
  • Affordable


  • Not the perfect fit for larger vehicles

2. ACDelco 34AGM Group 34 Battery

If you’re driving something big and powerful like a Ford pickup, you need a battery that can deliver thejuice. Which brings us to the ACDelco silver battery: The ACDelco 34AGM Group 34 battery.

Like any AGM battery, it’s spill-proof, let’s get that out of the way right away. That’s still impressive. But the number of other features that comes with it ceases to amaze me.

Why we love it?

For starters, the battery performance is off the charts thanks to its high-density negative paste. And there are so many other things that work to improve performance.

Like the alloy/Silver Calcium that enhances the life cycle. The acid circulation, on the other hand, keeps the battery heat down to help the longevity.

So, everything works to improve the car’s battery performance while making sure it lasts longer than ever.

Wow features of ACDelco 34AGM Group 34 Battery

  • The ACDelco 34AGM Group 34 battery is the perfect car battery for any vehicle. But the Group 34 battery can be more than that Imagine you went camping in the woods. You brought an inverter with you to power up your electrical appliances. However, forgot completely to charge the thing.
  • What then? Just take the cables out and plug the inverter into your car’s battery and problem solved. The ACDelco 34AGM Group 34 battery packs enough power to get you through the night as well as make sure to get back home.
  • You can’t imagine doing so as a dare with any other car battery. Because they won’t last that long. Having such a reliable power source is always a blessing. So, bless yourself with the ACDelco 34AGM Group 34 battery.


  • Exceptional performance
  • Increased battery life
  • Battery reserve capacity of almost 2 hours
  • Super sturdy
  • Super sturdy


  • Slightly expensive

3. ACDelco 48AGM Group 48 Battery

Put the key to the ignition and see the car get started every single time without fail with ACDelco 48AGM Group 34 battery. Car batteries have it hard in dry climates with extreme temperatures.  It leads to malfunction quite often.

Why we love it?

Not if you have the 48AGM by your side, as it manages to keep the heat down. So, your car battery doesn’t die on you in the middle of the street.

However, it’s the fast cranking the battery produces that I love the most. Big relief for those who live in cold weather as it’s never easy to get the car started.

No matter the weather conditions, the battery keeps on working exactly the way you want it too. And you can’t ask much more than that.

Wow features of the ACDelco 48AGM Group 48 Battery

  • Most car batteries out there suck because of their fast discharge. You charge up the batteries the entire day, and when it drains down like crazy, it’s quite frustrating. However, the ACDelco 48AGM slow discharge makes sure the battery runs longer hours.
  • But they don’t make any compromise with the power output. Instead, the AGM Cell has one of the highest current output in this type of battery. As a result, you can run most electrical equipment with it.
  • Even after everything, it has to offer, the higher cranking power and reserve range is its key selling point.


  • High-quality AGM battery.
  • It offers long cycling capabilities.
  • The battery requires no maintenance.
  • It comes with a warranty plan.


  • It is expensive than traditional batteries.

4. ACDelco 94RAGM Group 94R Battery

Bad roads are bad news for the car battery. Unless you have the ACDelco 94RAGM Group 94R battery under the hood. AGM is already safe from liquid spilling. But with ACDelco’s vent cap design, it becomes almost impossible.

Why we love it?

So, you can off track without worrying about damaging the car’s battery anymore.

However, from all the batteries in the ACDelco AAA battery, this 12 Volt battery is perfect for a wide range of cars. So, its universal appeal makes it more desirable than others.

Wow features of ACDelco 94RAGM Group 94R Battery

  • 99% of the time the car battery fails because of overheating. And that’s because when the battery heats the water inside dries up. Hence, the breakdown.
  • However, ACDelco 94RAGM made water retention in their batteries possible even in high heats. To do so, they’ve introduced oxygen recombination. And what it does is it minimizes the water loss. 
  • It’s something most car battery manufacturers are yet to figure out. Besides, that ACDelco also manages to improve the current conductivity. So, ignition works in a flick every single time.


  • Superior conductivity
  • No leaking
  • Improved performance.
  • Exceptional battery life.
  • Zero maintenance.


  • It is heavy.

5. ACDelco 47AGM Professional Group 47 Battery

The ACDelco 47AGM boasts the typical solid build like any other of their batteries. However, don’t take it for granted.

Sometimes people forget how solid the spill-proof battery is. To make people remember that the Group 47 battery takes stability to a new level.

Why we love it?

Vibrations and shakes make no difference to it. A big plus for those who like to ride their vehicles on rocky terrains.

But as you all know, the sealed version comes with its own headache. Overheating in particular.

ACDelco solved that with increased acid circulation within their battery. And that’s where the robust envelope separator with a puncture-resistant back pitches in.

Wow features of ACDelco 47AGM Professional Group 47 Battery

  • The question should be, why then hell it shouldn’t be? It’s the perfect replacement battery. No matter how good your original car battery was, this was will exceed it with ease. And I love the fact, ACDelco made sure to give proper attention to details.
  • They didn’t just make a bigger sized ACDelco battery with the same old features. They improved where they could. And as a result, you get one of the highest-rated CCA battery from the brand.


  • It is maintenance-free.
  • Has a CCA rating of 630.
  • Great battery life.
  • Spill-proof.


  • The battery has harmful chemicals.

6. ACDelco 49AGM Group 49 Battery

From the stereo to air condition to the car lock, everything electrical on your car works on the car battery. And if you’re looking for the right option to power up all these things then look no further then the ACDelco 49AGM Group 49 battery.

Why we love it?

The Alloy or the Silver Calcium stamp alloy on the battery enhances the lifespan 3x more than your traditional batteries.

And the calcium led positive grid also improves the conductivity of current. So, you don’t have to worry about the sudden on-demand power, as it is more than capable to deliver.

So, if you need a replacement battery for your car then the ACDelco 49AGM Group 49 battery is a good place to start.

Wow features of ACDelco 49AGM Group 49 Battery

  • The ACDelco has all the standard features that you’ve come to know and love. And all of those things are here in the 49AGM.
  • However, the real attraction here is its warranty. Now, some of the car battery has 12 months or 24 months of warranty.
  • But this one exceeds them by an extra 12 months. So, you can get your battery replaced within the 36 months of purchase which is always ensuring.


  • Easy to use
  • It fits in the most well-known brand’s car.
  • 100% spill-free
  • Last longer
  • It comes with a 36-month replacement period warranty.


  • Some people had a hard time installing it.

7. ACDelco 78AGM Group 78 Battery

Some car batteries today don’t last even a year or two. Meanwhile, the ACDelco 78AGM Group 78 battery lasts 5 years without any problem. So, what’s the secret of its longevity?  To start with, the high-density negative paste helps with the life span.

Why we love it?

However, it also improves the overall performance of the battery.

Also, the improved lead-acid circulation within the battery helps with it.

They introduce a sturdy envelope separator with a puncture-resistant to do it. As a result, the heat goes down and the battery lasts longer.

Wow features of ACDelco 78AGM Group 78 Battery

  • Some people love to accessorize the car with lots of electrical stuff. And if you wish to do the same then you need to have a steady source of power that is capable of keeping all things running. A small size ACDelco battery isn’t cut out for the job.
  • However, the Group 78 battery packs the power to run all those things for as long as you need without any problem. And if you’re a gearhead, then it’s the right pick for you any day.


  • Free replacement within 36-months.
  • High scoring CCA.
  • Extended reserve capacity.
  • It stops leakage.


  • It’s not for small-sized vehicles.
  • It is quite heavy.

The benefit of buying an ACDelco battery

There are a bunch of benefits of using an ACDelco battery. Let’s check them out.

No leakage:

The first thing that comes to mind its no leaking. That’s a big issue in standard batteries.

However, ACDelco vent cap design provides well-sealed batteries that stop it from leaking. So, harmful chemicals remain intact at all times.

Weather resistance:

The car battery has it hard in both cold and warm weather. At least, that was the case for traditional batteries.

AGM batteries don’t have any such problem to worry about.

Because even if it’s melting hot, the car battery works fine. And when it’s bone-chilling cold, the car battery cranks up fast to start the engine.

So, weather conditions don’t have anything on your car batteries anymore.


You don’t get the high current on-demand with high resistance batteries.

For that, you need a low resistance battery.

And that’s what ACDelco promises you with their batteries. So, you can enjoy those bursts of power whenever needed with them.


From the ACDelco battery , you can clearly see, everything the manufacturers introduce in some way or another helps its lifespan.

Whether it’s minimizing the water loss or deep cycling actions, everything works to make the battery last.

And that’s why the AGM last 3x longer than any other standard battery in the business.

Acdelco Battery Maintenance

Buyers guide for an ACDelco battery

Before today, perhaps you had never thought about what to look for in a car battery. If you’ve no knowledge about the stuff, we are here to guide you.

However, if you’re hell-bent on finding the right ACDelco car battery, then you need to have some understanding of the equipment. This buying guide will provide you with all the necessary insights to help you conduct your own search for the best car battery.

Type and size:

The first rule of thumb is to understand, the type and size of the car battery.

Because you can just pick any battery and put it inside the car. It either might not fit, or the power is either low or high.

So, knowing your car battery type is the first thing you need to do.

Sealed or unsealed:

Now, these have their pros and cons. For starters, the sealed batteries are safer and require almost no maintenance.

On the other hand, unsealed batteries need to be maintained. But you can cool them down easier as you can add water to them.

So, it’s another aspect that needs some serious thought while purchasing the car battery.

Reserve capacity:

The reserve capacity ensures minimum voltage to run your car when the alternator fails.

So, car battery with longer hours of reserve range should be always the top pick.

Otherwise, be ready to get stuck in the middle of the dessert.

The CCA:

CCA is the cold cranking amp. It’s the amount of power you need to get your car to life when it’s freezing cold outside below zero degrees.

Better CCA cars ensure quick starter in those conditions. So, make sure to tick the box while looking for your new car battery.

FAQs (Frequency Asked Questions) about ACDelco Batteries

Q: Has anyone replaced their battery with a brand other than ACDelco?

At some point in time, someone has obviously made the brand switch to a higher capacity battery.  But whether it worked for good or not that remains the big question.

Q: Who makes ACDelco batteries?

The ACDelco batteries are made by the Middle East Battery Company in Saudi Arabia with Johnson Control (Milwaukee, WI) owning 49% and the other 51% by investors.

Q: Is ACDelco a good battery?

ACDelco is one of the best car battery manufacturers in the world.

Q: How long should an ACDelco battery last?

Depending on your use and other factors, the ACDelco battery lasts up to 60 months (5 years).

Q:  How do I decode my ACDelco battery?

It’s easy to decode the manufacturing code. The first character of the code always begins with a P or S. So, your code looks something like S094R.

Don’t worry about the first and last letters. You should focus on the first two digits after the S which depicts the month. So, 09 means September. And the third digit 4 illustrates the year 2014.

Q: How do I put water in my ACDelco battery?

You don’t need to add water to the ACDelco AGM batteries.

Final words about ACDelco Batteries:

In this ACDelco battery review, I’ve made sure to help everyone find their perfect car battery. Yes, there are a bunch of options. But you’ve got to focus on your cars need more than anything else.

That’s clearly the thing I’ve tried to show in my buying guide too. However, if you know which one is the ideal mate for your car, then get it right away.