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What is a Marine Battery – Advance Tips and Tricks

Usually, Batteries on your marine handle two basic kinds of tasks.  Firstly starting an engine and then running electrical loads. But before all, you should have a clear insight into what is a marine battery and how it works.

In this article, we are going to discuss the basics you should know about batteries. In another section, we will try to solve that big confusion Are all deep cycle batteries AGM. Most of the people often get puzzled about this.

You often get heard that term KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). We also try to discuss everything as simple as possible. So at the end of the article, you have a clear idea of marine batteries. Let’s start our journey.

What is a Marine Battery?


Best Marine Battery to Buy and Use


Marine batteries will not discharge a huge amount of energy at one time. Rather they supply the initial burst. The most impressive feature is it supplies a continuous supply. Therefore, they are applied to crank the vehicle’s engine. Your boat sound system, lighting, and pumps are energised by the battery.

That why boats has furnished with the maritime extras, such as navigation lights, fish finders, GPS, and other devices. So that it could use a deep cycle battery. However, it is the far better option than the typical hybrid starter/deep cycle batteries.

Usually, marine batteries are more robust than traditional car batteries. Normally, they are made of thicker plated so that it could be sturdier regarding structure. The manufacturer makes it thicker to cope up with the shocking and vibration while it moves across ocean, river or lakes. As the marine vehicle had to go through bumpy nature, they designed to withstand that rough condition.

Normally there are three types of marine batteries. Let’s have a look.

  • Flooded Battery: Also known as wet batteries, and maybe the most common types of battery for marine. Thus, they are so popular as well as the cheapest.
  • Gel Battery: The gel is a combination of fumed silica, phosphoric acid, pure water, and sulfuric acid. The feature we liked most about these batteries is leak proof. However, it is called “recombinant batteryâ€.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery: As the name indicates, these types of batteries have designed with the glass mat separators. They are the most advanced version among all.

Also, see this video tutorial on Marine battery.

What is the Best Marine Battery?

Marine batteries have to face lots of rough weather. Though there is a wide range of battery on the market, marine or boats needs something special. Let’s see some of the best marine batteries out there.

1. VMAX V35-857 AGM Battery Marine Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery

This VMAX V35-857 Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery is ideal for Minn Kota, boats, Sevylor, cobra, and other trolling motor. Thus, we recommend this battery for VMAX BC1204 charger. On the other hand, it is a Heavy Duty Grids and Maintenance Free battery.

2. VMAXTanks MR-107 Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

The VMAXTanks MR-107 Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery provides an additional margin of service and performance. It includes 12 Volt, Group 24, and 85Ah. The feature we like most is there is no need to add water.

3. Odyssey 34M-PC1500 Trolling Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

The Odyssey 34M-PC1500 Trolling Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery is surely a great deal for often less than $400. The vibration resistance feature makes it ideal as a marine battery.

4. Optima BlueTop OPT8016-103 D34M Marine Deep Cycle Battery

The Optima BlueTop OPT8016-103 D34M Marine Deep Cycle Battery is also a great deal for often less than $350. The vibration resistance feature makes it ideal as a marine battery.

Are All Deep Cycle Batteries AGM?

Most of the people often get confused that what’s the main difference between AGM and deep cycle battery. If you have already done lots of research on various batteries, you are probably buried in tons of information. However, some of the info creates more confusion. Let’s just clear the whole thing.

First of all, deep-cycle batteries generally fall into two main categories; valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) and flooded (FLA). Furthermore, the valve-regulated lead-acid has two more subcategories, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel. In a word, AGM is a kind of deep cycle batteries.

On the other hand, let me clear one more thing all the deep cycle batteries are not AGM. We mention it earlier there are different types of deep cycle battery. A deep cycle battery has mainly designed to discharge between 45% and 75% of its total capacity. Moreover, it depends on the construction and the manufacturer.

The AGM and gel cell batteries are specialty batteries that cost almost twice than a premium wet cell. Meanwhile, they store very well, as well do not tend to degrade as wet cell. Likewise, they both need a special charging rate. Odyssey Battery makes very good AGM batteries.

You can see this video for choosing the best marine battery.

What is a Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

The term deep cycle and marine usually used together or interchangeable, which makes people more confused. It is quite difficult to say what you will get in a typical marine battery. For example, if you see a battery as a “deep cycle marine battery†might construct almost same as battery labeled deep cycle RV battery.

The marine battery can be dual-purpose, starting, or deep cycle batteries. However, they are mainly a hybrid of starting as well as deep cycle batteries. It comes with the feature lead sponge plates. Eventually, marine batteries are heavier and coarser than any starting battery plates. But most importantly, they are not thicker as plates of deep cycle batteries. You might want to also read how to charge a marine battery with a car.

Generally speaking, for inboard or outboard marine engine, the starting battery is perfectly fine.  If you are looking for powering the trolling motor, the deep cycle battery is best for you.  A typical small deep cycle marine battery has a rating of 25-50Ah. On the other hand, a larger battery comes at the rate of 100Ah.

Most of the people think that a battery is just a battery. To be very honest, a battery is similar to the piggy bank. Though auto and marine battery looks similar, in the case of internal components, intended purpose and even design, is quite different. You might want to also read how to charge a marine battery.

Final Word

In conclusion, we could say that like other batteries, these batteries are piggy. However, we try to discuss some basic of  a marine battery, types of batteries are and what are deep cycle marine batteries. Before buying the marine battery, having a look of the basics surely will be beneficial for you.