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NOCO Boost Pro GB150 Review

Noco GB150 Review
NOCO Boost Pro GB150 Review

The NOCO Boost Pro GB150 certainly achieved its top position in the review of portable boosters among all battery jump-starters in the market. This all-in-one booster pack is a great addition that easily fits under the car seat or glovebox compartments. This NOCO Boost Pro GB150 review guide has some top features that you must read to know.

Because no one is fond of the idea to be stuck on the roadside with a dead car battery. While one can barely be over-prepared for crisis or emergencies, this lithium booster pack NOCO Boost Pro GB150 will tell you why having this jump-starter in your trunk is a good thing.

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 Quick Summary

The NOCO Boost Pro GB150 is a sturdy alternative to the typical jump-starting approaches for getting it running again easily. The multi-function battery jump-starter also acts as a LED flashlight, a 12- volt portable power, and a portable power bank. It weighs nearly 7.5 pounds while measuring 12-inches in length by 7.3-inches in width and 2.7-inches in thickness being large and robust. The lithium battery is rated at 4000 peak-amps and this amount of power can easily charge up to 10Liter Gasoline and Diesel engines both and that too, 80 times on a single charge.

This powerful unit can charge other devices as well through the additional ports although it seems a bit bigger than regular power banks. It features efficient use of 15amp out-port to power 12VDC devices like inverters. All these versatilities and it manages to be recharged in as little as 6 hours through any 2.1 amps rated powered USB devices. There are seven light modes along with powerful wash light that integrated 500-lumen LED flashlight allows to be useful for any emergency at night times.

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 is a Top Pick

  • Faces zero problem starting huge diesel engines even past the capacity of 10-liter hinting its remarkable performance suiting larger trucks.
  • NOCO Boost Pro GB150 has an exemplary light system built into their case where the flashlight is both bright and very wide-angle, enough to have an entire engine bay light up beside it; 6-settings: 3-light intensity levels, blink, strobe, and SOS modes.
  • The USB power outlet and a 12-volt outlet ensures all sorts of devices can be recharged particularly when camping as a great alternative to charging from a vehicle.


  • Small-sized yet powerful.
  • Handy and relatively compact.
  • The bright flashlight is wide-angled.
  • Installed system display errors.
  • Renders 80 boosts per charge.
  • Compatible with diesel engines.


  • Serves 12-volt lead-acid only.
  • Large and relatively heavy.

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 Noteworthy Features

  • The portable lithium-ion GB150 battery jump-starter unit delivers 4,000-amps (22,500 Joules J3S) to boost a dead battery in seconds that on a single charge, renders a maximum of 80 jump-starts.

  • The ultra-safe and mistake-proof design come from its spark-proof technology and polarity reverse protection and the patented safety tech allows safe connection to any battery being easy to use for anyone.

  • The compact and powerful lithium jump-starter is engineered for cars, boats, SUVs, RVs, trucks, and others with both gas and diesel engines up to the capacity of over 10 liters.

  • On a single charge, NOCO Boost Pro GB150 can render as many as 80 jump-starts with its internal 88 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion battery.

  • Doubles as a portable recharging power source with 2.1A USB charging port for USB devices: a smartphone, headphones, tablet, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, gadgets, and more up to 6 recharges.

  • The powerful battery booster also powers 12-volt devices like a power inverter, air inflators for tires, and much more at any place.

  • The Built-in rechargeable lithium LED 500 Lumen ultra-bright flashlight features 7 different flash modes including emergency light and SOS, advanced illumination assists on the roadside.

  • These ultra-powerful compact starters feature digital read-out for precise information handout, integrated volt-meter to read the battery voltage, and heavy-gauge cables and clamps to live up to its potential.

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 FAQs 

Q: How do you charge a NOCO Boost Pro GB150?
A: For charging the NOCO Boost Pro GB150, you need to connect the USB-IN port using the USB charging cable (included) to a powered USB port. It can be an AC adapter, laptop, car charger, and such. To ensure efficient and safe charging, the port of USB-IN is rated at 2.1-Amps to protect the internal lithium battery.

Q: How long will the NOCO Boost Pro GB150 hold a charge?
A: While it can charge in 3-hours at 2.1A of current at the max, for a year or longer, 75% of each charge can be held.

Q: How much does it take to jumpstart a car?
A: The car-size besides the engine capacity decides that mostly. For start-ups, most cars may need around 400 amps that SUVs, smaller pick-up trucks, and such vehicles find the amps
enough. However, for vans or trucks that are full-sized, they require as much as 1000 amps. An engine in colder temperature is rather harder to start. For this reason, you need a jump-starter with more than average power so even if you are living somewhere in harsh winters, it is helpful. It promises no damage however since the starter does not allow more power than what the battery simply draws.

Q: How does NOCO Boost Pro GB150 work?
A: The extremely safe jump-starter has easy using-ability for times when your car will not start. Even if your battery is weak, the boost-starter can jump-start your flat vehicle safely in seconds. There is the main power button for turning the unit on/off and afterward, the power indicator will be illuminated. The battery level indicator should display the internal battery’s current charge- level when the unit is on and tell you about the remaining power. It is the 12-volt Out-port connection that should be used for jump-starting along with the manual override button. This button is an advanced tool to be utilized only in very special emergencies. However, getting started is rather an easy process where you just need to plug-in the clamps and that about it.

Q: Do I have to disconnect any cables for using NOCO Boost Pro GB150?
A: No. Direct connection is allowed firstly to the positive post and then to the negative.

Q: Can the NOCO Boost Pro GB150 recharge my branded smartphone?
A: Yes, certainly. It has the functionality to recharge all smartphone generations that are market- available and also gadgets like tablets, music players, watches, HD action cameras, wireless speakers, etc.

Q: Does the NOCO Boost Pro GB150 charge battery?
A: The NOCO Boost Pro GB150 is a jump-starter for times when a vehicle needs a jump. If you are looking to charge or maintain your car-battery, the NOCO Boost Pro GB150 cannot fulfill this purpose. However, you can utilize this to charge other portable devices with the help of its additional ports, like the iPhone, tablets, or camera, etc.

Q: Where can I buy the NOCO Boost Pro GB150?
A: You can buy NOCO Boost Pro GB150 jump-starter from any trusted reseller and also on Amazon and other online markets.


The amount of power the jump-starter NOCO Boost Pro GB150 has is impressive because of being able to jump-start heavy vehicles and also, motorhomes. The most powerful portable jump-starter enables an instant capability of car start-up along with the ability to even start a 10-liter diesel engine. It paves to the reputation of the right jump-starter for you compared to other cheaper units. It is quite well-worth equating the price for the amount of power it renders. The battery life is enormous that lasts up to one year despite the compact size the NOCO Boost Pro GB150 comes in.