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How to Charge a Deep Cycle Battery Properly – A Guide by Pro

How to Charge a Deep Cycle Battery Properly
How to Charge a Deep Cycle Battery Properly


A deep cycle battery is, in particular, a hybrid battery. It’s different from the car battery and marine battery. So it is crucial to know how to charge a deep cycle battery properly.

A deep cycle battery comes with several ultra-modern features and facilities. Suppose, it can provide long-term output and can handle up to 80% discharge. This technologically sophisticated battery delivers a lot of current in a short period. Therefore, for a fast charging opportunity, the deep cycle battery is much appreciable.

However, a deep cycle battery doesn’t work without charge. It needs regular charging to keep it active. Hence a proper charging method can increase the lifetime of a battery reasonably. An automatic multi-charge system can get an extended time battery life.  Thereby it’s essential to be sensible about how to charge a deep cycle battery properly. The useful charging method is here for you.


Deep Cycle Battery Charging Instructions

For any electronic appliance that is rechargeable, the charging method deserves rapt attention. Several times, it is the whimsical charging habit or uninformed or ill-informed charging method cuts the appliance life short. Therefore, you should go fully equipped with the proper charging method of a deep cycle battery.

You can charge the deep cycle battery in two methods. One approach is charging the battery in a place where the charging source is fixed, and another approach is using a portable charger. Again, the best way to charge a deep cycle battery is to pick up a portable charger that is equipped for the task.

Categorically, you have to connect the charge clamps with the battery precisely. Your charge should be fast to charge without damaging the battery.  The accurate charging method is for you below:

  • Use the right type of charger for obvious reasons including a faster charge
  • Choose a charger with temperature compensation and a temperature sensor.
  • Set your charging range up to ten amps. The high range can reduce the battery life.
  • Check the specification sheet for the battery and use the current setting.
  • Check out the battery temperature.
  • A flooded battery can’t accept the high range currently, so check your battery or your charger will get damaged.
  • Make sure your charging current is enough to cope
  • Make sure your charger is working properly.
  • When the deep cycle battery is useless, leave it on a trickle charge for a better outcome.
  • Don’t charge your battery even if it holds on more than 60% charge.

From the aforementioned methods, it is crystal clear how to charge a deep cycle battery. Then again, it’s good to keep in mind that both overcharging and fully draining out of charge are not healthy for the battery.

It is not advisable to keep a fully drained battery uncharged for long. In the same fashion, you should not even try to charge via a plug incompatible with your battery. To avoid that error, the following section requires your engaging attention.

Do you want to charge the RV battery with a generator?

Can You Plug A 30 Amp To A 50 Amp?

The ideal range of Amperage is 10 Amps for a battery. But if you want a fast charging opportunity, can use at best 20 Amp. It’s not unusable to plug a 30 amp to a 50 amp plug. You can do it. Whenever you are out on an RV campground, you may need to plug the 30 Amp into a 50 Amp one. Downright, you can do it, and you will remain safe.

But you just need to arrange an Adaptor that ranges from 30amp to 50 amps. That type of adaptor will feature a 120-volt 50Amp positive end and 120V 30-amp negative end.

Be mindful of the little arithmetic and never commit the blunder of plugging your 30 amp battery into the 220V 50 amp plug. This will not work and can prove counter-productive. It may go to the extent of causing damage to your battery.

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Final Verdict

A deep cycle battery is mostly used outdoors. Therefore it needs to be charged both at home and outdoors. It’s easy to charge in the home, but outdoors is difficult. Only the right kind of portable charger can provide an excellent charging opportunity to the user. With the proper charging method, the lifetime of a battery increases significantly. You also read detailed information about How to Maintain Deep Cycle Battery.

To emphasize further, it’s unavoidably crucial to gain full knowledge on the charging method of a deep cycle battery properly. This is not rocket science. Merely reviewing this short article will serve your purpose.