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How to Charge RV Batteries Properly – Battery Guide For Beginners

How to Charge RV Batteries Properly


RV batteries can store up enough power and are eligible to perform over an extended period. Hence it needs to be charged regularly. An RV battery is recommended in overall home and outdoor appliances. Markedly, it’s the most demanding battery in this era. So, it’s important to know how to charge RV batteries properly. An RV battery charger is essential to charge RV batteries.

To have a workable knowledge on how to charge RV batteries the most effective way, you neither need to be an expert on the physics of how charge grows and the chemistry of how a battery works. You can and should get in the most non-technical terms.

To put it simply, you must translate a complex topic into everyday terms and idioms that even a layman can understand. We, in this article, have tried our best to explain this topic in practical descriptions rather than going too technical.

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How to Charge RV Batteries Properly

Every single device and appliance in an RV operates with the power supplied by a recharged RV battery. To emphasize, when you are on the go, you need to charge everything several times a day be it a light, smartphone, tab, or other electronics.

Therefore, to enjoy every perk of the outdoor recreational moment, you must learn the proper ways to charge your RV battery. The traditional charging method is acceptable to all. Most of the RV batteries run the home-based appliances. 

So it’s the typical approach to charge the RV batteries at home. Hence, everyone should know the conventional charging process of RV batteries.  The ultimate and in-depth charging method of RV batteries appears below. You could follow these rules to get a reliable charging opportunity for your battery.

  • Turn off RV to avoid unexpected injury
  • Locate the RV battery in a right place
  • Remove the all about cable with much consciousness
  • Open the fill cap of the battery
  • Connect an RV battery charger in the battery
  • Plug in the charger and turn on
  • Let the charge to charge the battery completely
  • Disconnect the charger when it charges fully

See this video on how to charge a Deep Cycle RV Battery Properly:

How to Charge RV Battery with the Generator?

While you are about to be on the go, you should be prepared mentally that appliances that require a high voltage of electric power source are the thing you are going miss. Still, you don’t need to spread panic as you can do away with a generator. If your RV is backed by a generator, you can charge and recharge every electronic device except an air cooler.

The most critical problems on the road you might suffer are a scarcity of water, flat tires to inflate, and, worst of all – power cut. With an RV supported by a generator, you can enjoy the trip to your heart’s content.

It’s notable that you could charge an RV battery with a generator. A perfect and fully charged generator can quickly charge the RV batteries. It’s an easy, risk-free, and effective method, without a doubt. Incredibly, the user running after this method is ahead of others these days. But you have to manage an eligible generator to execute this operation correctly. The step-by-step guide of charging an RV battery with a generator given below:

  • Make sure that your generator is fully charged.
  • Turn on your RV battery
  • Select the RV battery location
  • Connect your RV battery with both positive and negative cables.
  • To increase charging, unplug all electrical appliances
  • Turn on your fully charged generator
  • Plug your RV into the generator.
  • Let your battery charge completely.
  • After charging fully, disconnect the generator.
  • Check out the video:

How to Charge RV Batteries While Driving?

If the question goes, “Can the RV batteries be charged while driving?” The answer to the question is a flat YES. But the answer to the process of charging involves a long and in-depth description. To start with, you need to know that an RV can and should only have deep-cycle batteries. Thanks to the extended charge storage capacity of the deep-cycle battery.

In the same fashion, other batteries that you can take on the go are marine and automotive. These batteries come with default design to be used and applied while driving.

The RV batteries are used in vehicle, and so it needs to charge while driving. Incredibly, it can be charged during the driving period with some proper footsteps. Let’s see all of the necessary steps:

  • Connect the house battery to your RV battery
  • Configure the connection appropriately
  • Understand the charging phase
  • Take time to charge fully

How Long To Charge A Deep Cycle Battery?



It is fairly advisable to recharge the battery when 50% of the charge runs out. In that case, the charging hour should be only half the real-time. But a fully discharged battery would need more than double to complete the recharge as time will go until the battery is back to its receiving capacity. It is better to know if there is any established physics of recharge time that even a layman can communicate with. The charging time can be approximately 12 to 16 hours. But it is not constant, it can be more or less considering the charger capability and charging speed.

A deep cycle battery isn’t chargeable with a plug. It needs the right charger to recharge the battery. For this, you should have a clear idea on the amp and voltage that is compatible with your battery and charger or adopter.

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Final Verdict

RV Deep Cycle Batteries are chargeable in various methods. It mostly receives charge at the house with a right charger. But as is clear by now, an RV battery also is chargeable while driving a car or other vehicles. With the generator, maximum RV batteries can keep them charged these days.You also gather more information about Deep Cycle Battery.

However, no matter how you charge this. It needs a fast and secure charging convenience to get a lifetime battery service.  Thanks for being with us.