How to Charge an RV Battery With a Generator: Six Easy Steps


If you are lucky enough then sometimes power sources are available in the campsite. But if you went for the middle of the forest, then it will be a disaster. To avoid this kind of situation, we should take some previous preparation to handle a bad situation quickly. Generally, for camping RV batteries are used for the energy source. So, for charging RV batteries, you should carry a portable generator with you. At the same time, you have to gather enough knowledge about how to charge RV battery with a generator.

For going outdoor with trouble, free journey RV is a perfect one. But before going outside you should check all the necessary things about it. The most important point is that you should fully charge your RV battery before starting the journey. It was not only for your hassle-free journey but also for your battery. 

Good health condition. By doing this, you can ensure your batteries a long service life. You can charge your battery with the help of your generator. It is an easy and straightforward process. But when you did not get the proper way of charging batteries, then everything will be failed. Today we are going to tell you about the whole procedure step by step, how you charge your RV battery with your running or portable generator. Let’s jump in for the details.

How to Charge RV Battery with the Generator?

Every process has some basic things that you have to know. Before jump for the main steps, you should have known some important points like the type of the battery, the size, and status of the battery. Which time is the proper time for charging the battery and of course how much time you can charge your battery? Another important thing is that when you carry your portable generator must check its status. Must be fully charged you generator before going outside. Do not forget to take the user manual before leaving your home. Following steps should be followed for charging your RV battery-

Step- 1

First of all, you must be charged your generator fully. Before start, the charging process turns off your car or vehicle. To avoid unwanted accidents turn on the emergency brake mode. Then check the battery terminal carefully. If you find any rust or dirt on it, quickly clean it up. Without cleaning those charging process will be hampered.

 Step- 2

For cleaning the battery terminal first remove all the cables with the help of a wrench. Be careful when you remove the cables. First, you have to remove the negative terminal cable then the positive one. If the amount of dirt is massive, then use baking soda paste for cleaning. Use a wire brush on the huge dirt area. It will help you to remove dirt quickly. After completing the cleaning process make the terminals dry thoroughly. 

Step- 3

The next step is to check the battery electrolyte level. That means the fluid level of the battery should be checked. If the liquid level is low, then fill up it with required distilled water. After that, attach the cables with the battery terminal. This time first connect the positive cables and the negative cable. Make sure they tightly attach with the terminal. 

Step- 4

Now you connect the battery with the generator. Before attaching them check them that both of them are switch off. To increase the processing speed unplugged all other electrical instruments. If possible the lights are also turn off. Therefore, the generator should be connected to the AC channel. AC channel should have about at least 120-volt capacity. The whole process also depends on weather condition and temperature also. If the temperate of the outside is lower than 400C, then the process may be slow down or did not complete the full range of capabilities. If you use a portable generator which has low volt output, then the charging process is also slow. So, every situation should be checked out before starting the charging process.

Step- 5

Setting all the elements properly plug in the RV battery with the generator. It may take time two or three hours not more than that. But if your battery was too much discharged, then it will take longer time. You should be waiting for full fill the charge of the battery. Totally discharged battery should not be plugged out without its completing charging capacity.

Step -6

After completing the charging process of the battery by using your generator, make it an end to handle cleverly and use you’re aboard services and piece of equipment until you arrive at the campsite area.

Must plug in again the generator in the current source so, that it will be full charged again for future necessity. 

Let’s check this video to know How to charge RV Battery with Generator Step by Step:

Some points to be noted

Only knowledge of the charging process is not enough for this type of operation. Some more noticeable point should be kept in your mind. Some of them are given below-

Take care of your battery

It is essential to take proper care of the RV battery as it has a straight effect on its lifetime in addition to recharging capacity. You should always check the battery electrolyte level because it is essential for a running battery. If necessary then refill the liquid level up to the mark. When the battery is in the rest situation, you should charge it after some periods to make its lifespan longer.

Inside converter (generator)

RV batteries have an internal generator. It works as a converter for your battery. It can be converted the 120 volts in 12 volts. It is very important for an RV battery. When you connect the battery with an AC outlet or generator, the converter converts the energy for your battery.

If your battery is in running mode then charge it with a generator; otherwise, it will be a very slow process. If you try to charge it with your other house battery, then it will be a disaster! So, all the time make sure that your generator has a full charge in it.

Ideal time

The experts on mechanics said that there are so many things includes with charging time amount of a generator. The quantity of power required to charge a battery with a generator relies on a number of factors such as the amount produced by the converter, the dimension of the battery, and the status of release of the battery power.

It is a fact that a generator not only used for charging a battery. It is in fact used in another purpose. But when you need to charge your RV battery in an emergency, then you can use it. It helps to convert the power for your battery and also less time-consuming. There are some negative issues also. If the generator has not automatically power off the system, then there is a risk for overcharging the battery or even undercharging the battery. 

Alternative charging method

Though the generator is the right way of RV battery charging, you should have some alternative option for it. The best alternative for your RV battery charge is a triple stage battery charger. They are automatic in nature. So there is no risk of overcharging the battery.

On the other hand, it is quicker than the generator. So, it saves your time also. It is a high-quality charger; it can improve your battery performance.

Here is more information for how to charge an RV deep cycle battery properly and how to maintain a Deep Cycle Battery.

Required Time

Experts have their different opinion on time requirement of this process. It is a simple process but a lengthy process. The necessary time also depends on some situation, equipment, weather condition, battery condition, cable quality so on. If you have a large size battery then definitely it requires more time than a small battery. If your battery fully discharged then obviously it took a long time for full charging.  If your battery liquid level is not in good condition then don’t be upset; it will take a little bit more time. So, more or less all things depend on your RV battery condition. Check this article for knowing about how long do RV batteries last.


In the end point of this above discussion, we won’t say that before charging your RV battery all necessary information should be gathered by you. Generally, an RV has more than one battery. It’s because of your comfort. But precautions or alternative should always be needed to be ready. If you take proper care of your RV batteries, then you never fall any unwanted situation.

I think this article will help you to gather enough knowledge about how you can charge your deep cycle batteries properly.