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Who Makes Odyssey Batteries

Who makes Odyssey Batteries
Who makes Odyssey Batteries


You must be halfway through researching a great battery since you have come across the Odyssey brand. This brand is one of the most respected and widely familiar battery brands worldwide. Do you know Who makes Odyssey batteries?

Tracing slowly back in history to 1888, they had just landed their first trading. Companies only stay long around when their worth is proven through the successful delivery of a range of products.

The batteries of this company cannot help but be generously reliable and also durable being hooked up with the latest technologies investment. The batteries made their journey superior and longer-lasting to the top of the market against the majority of other competitors.

If you feel Odyssey is a cheap market, they have been a market winner since 1888. Their overwhelming quality and durability have grasped the leading position profoundly in the battery market while throwing failure to its competitor.

Odyssey Batteries

The specialty of Odyssey batteries is that two characteristics are combined in one box. Huge cranking power and deep-cycle both can be achieved with this battery. The engine cranking pulses render more than 2250A, that too in only 5 seconds, largely alongside cycles of 400 charges/discharges to 80% DOD or depth of discharge.

A typical SLI battery for automobiles consists of starting, lighting, and igniting. These consuming energy processes are supplied by the vehicle’s battery that works one at a time. It gives twice the power while surviving triple the life of mainstream designs of lead-acid batteries.

Some batteries are progressed to serve higher cranking power needs, whereas other types of them are constructed to be rechargeable for longer run times. But when we are considering an Odyssey deep-cycle battery, you can expect both at its best.

The incredible first five-second engine cranking pulses up to 2250 amps become possible with pure lead-plates. The double, and even at times, triple the equally sized conventional batteries’ cranking power works even at low temperatures.

Pure, thinner lead plates allow for more fits, giving more surface area inside the battery design. The extreme union of power with performance turns Odyssey batteries popular in applications like:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Commercial/Heavy Duty
  • Powersports

Who Produces the Mighty Odyssey Batteries?

Odyssey Batteries are proudly manufactured by the subsidiary EnerSys Energy Products Inc. of the parent company, EnerSys. They are a global leader when it comes to stored energy solutions dedicated to the platform of automotive alongside applications in the military and industry.

They own manufacturing facilities more or less only in 18 countries for now. However, their sales and service locations are spread out worldwide. With over 100 glorious years of battery experience, EnerSys has become a powerful partner in terms of heavy-duty equipment service and parts providers.

Odyssey batteries maintain strict quality standards and manufactured in three global facilities:

  • United States: Warrensburg, Missouri
  • United Kingdom: Newport, Wales
  • France: Arras

What makes Odyssey battery different than other mainstream battery?

In the market of lead-acid battery, the name Odyssey is served as the king in the land of quality!

Some usual batteries are known to come with rather low damaging features making various kinds of unexpected accidents occur. The concern of quality is at a minimum where it can, at any time, be expected to be damaged.

There are also no warranty services let alone long-life capability. For updated vehicles such as the BMW or Yamaha, the CCA, HCCA, and Ah can be unsuitable being extremely low. Odyssey, on the contrary, is ramped up with large CCA, HCCA, and Ah providing a longer battery lasting while boosting 3x power.

Odyssey battery can beat down any other battery already. But it also adds deep-cycling in its features along with massive starting power pushing its reputation toward popularity in the pure-lead battery market.

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How an ODYSSEY Battery Is Made


Odyssey works perfectly in terms of weather and temperature with its adaptability to save the battery regardless of bad weather. The ability of the vehicle is given a boost and expanse through a huge number of plates producing generally more power.

They have mastered having thinner-plate pure-lead technology. If there is a single reason that calls Odyssey batteries are popular, their unmatched reliability and durability are what makes them. The company focuses to invest in key technologies toward creating a longer-lasting battery compared to those in the competition.