How to charge a dead AGM battery: Step by step

Batteries, generally, including AGM batteries can fail in time. Many cases consider these batteries to be dead where they are deeply discharged. Here lies a problem with most battery charging devices that they come with built-in features of safety that prevent recharging faulty batteries although they just may be deeply … Read more

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 Review

The NOCO GB150 certainly achieved its top position in the review of portable boosters among all battery jump-starters in the market. This all-in-one booster pack is a great addition that easily fits under the car seat or glovebox compartments. Because no one is fond of the idea to be stuck … Read more

Noco Boost HD GB70 Review

Was your wife babysitting the grandkids and one of them turned one or two lights without notice? And the battery of her nose-in parked car just about your wife is to leave, just clicked and then nothing? Or was it your daughter’s car sat in the garage on a freezing … Read more