Tips for Searching for a New Retractable Awning

Tips for Searching for a New Retractable Awning and Parts

When you need to replace a part or have your retractable awning inspected, it can be hard to know where to start. Going back to a retailer or manufacturer is an option, but what if you had a bad experience with the retailer, or don’t remember where you purchased it. Maybe it came with the RV when you purchased it and you do not know.
There are many brands of awnings out there, and we know some parts are going to be similar. So, wherever you bought your awning, you can repair or upgrade it from a selection of awning supplies and parts from reputable companies.
Retractable awnings are an important accessory in any RV (or home) exterior design. To properly maintain your retractable awning, it is crucial that you invest in quality materials. This guide is meant to help you find the best awning for your needs and provide tips on how to find the best parts.

What Does a Retractable Awning Do?

A retractable awning protects your home or business from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The awning will also shade your windows, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and providing outdoor shade when you want it. In addition, an awning provides protection from sun damage to your interior furniture and furnishings.
By investing in quality materials, you will enjoy a longer-lasting service life that is safe and enjoyable for your family. Chances are that if you are looking for parts, you understand many of the benefits and want to continue to enjoy them.

Things To Consider When Buying A New Retractable Awning

If you are in the market for a new retractable awning, there are a few things to consider.
Quality: Retractable awnings are an accessory that is meant to be used outdoors. They must hold up well in inclement weather and last long enough to make them worth the purchase in the first place.
Reliability: To ensure your retractable awnings work properly, you must invest in quality parts and services from reputable companies.
Compatibility: If you want to replace your current parts with new ones, the new parts must fit securely into your current system. This will help prevent any additional costs due to the installation or replacement of parts.
Dimensions: Be sure to know how much are you want to or need to shade. A good starting point is the opening or window you would like to shade.
Options: A final consideration will be the options you want for your retractable awnings, such as the color and style of the awning.

Where Can You Find The Best Retractable Awning Parts?

The first step to finding quality retractable awning parts is to look into reputable companies. Many companies are providing high-quality parts, so you must find the right one for your needs. You should ask retailers or manufacturers if they offer installation services after purchasing. This will ensure that all of your items came from the same supplier or company and be able to easily return or exchange defective products.
Researching reviews from past customers online can be a big help and provide insight. The insight will be what type of service do they offer, are the parts are available, are prices competitive, and if their communication with customers is good.
A few reputable retailers and manufacturers include Camping World, Amazon, Aleko, and ShadePro.

Tips For Maintaining Your Retractable Awning

The best thing you can do to maintain your awning is to regularly clean it. Many can be cleaned with soapy water and a good scrubbing followed by a good rinse. Check with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Additionally, any moving parts may need lubrication to aid in expansion and contraction. Again, check with your manufacturer for what is recommended.
Finally, it is important to inspect your awnings regularly and have them repaired as needed. If you find any damage or tears, you should visit the manufacturer before continuing work on the awning.

Choosing The Best Options and Color For Your Retractable Awning

Many people choose to buy a retractable awning for the attractiveness that it provides. Consider these factors when choosing your color:
  • What is the style of your RV? What style do you prefer?
  • What are the colors of your other exterior features?
  • Are you planning on any modifications (desires to modify) in the future?
A variety of colors are used with retractable awnings. You may want to use a neutral color so that it blends well with other outdoor features. Or you may want to go bold and choose a bright, summery color like yellow or blue. However, if you plan on using this feature frequently, avoid dark tones as they will fade over time and look aged.


If you want to get the most out of your retractable awning and make sure it will be around for many years to come, then planning ahead is key. If you are looking to buy a new one, consider the features and benefits of a retractable awning.
When you are shopping for your new retractable awning, make sure you know the best places to find the parts you need. Many online retailers offer a variety of retractable awning parts. You can also find them at discount outdoor stores in your area. With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to enjoying the many benefits of owning and using a retractable awning.

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